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Rain penetration into masonry (penetrating damp) can occur in buildings of all ages. At its most obvious, it penetrates right through the wall and is visible as a damp patch on the internal wall - often causing discolouration and peeling/flaking of paintwork or wallpaper. However, rainwater penetration can be damaging to a property, even if it does not penetrate all the way through a wall. For example, moss growth, increased heat loss, and frost damage can be caused by rain penetration into masonry.

Rain penetration is not a problem that is restricted to single-skin walls. Poorly installed wall-ties or cavity wall insulation can provide a pathway for rain penetration to track through cavity walls.

In other cases rain penetration can be caused by the masonry wall not being weathertight enough to withstand local weather conditions. Often the weathertightness of the masonry can be improved using external render, cladding, or weatherproof paints. However these solutions all change the visual appearance of the masonry.

Seal N Shield is a product that can enhance the stonework/brickwork appearance while sealing the external walls.

Seal N Shield is a clear polymer blend that is sprayed onto the external walls sealing the walls stopping water penetration and removing damp problems.

Seal N Shield is totally permeable allowing the wall to breath

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Seal n Shield is a two coat application the first coat is allowed to soak into the masonry then the second coat is applied

The whole gable is sealed especially in the porous areas removing the chance of damp problems

Seal n Shield dries to a beautiful clear finish enhancing the stone work but more importantly sealing the walls

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Roofers Bradford

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